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The Shire horse is an English draft horse that comes in many colors. They can stand as tall as 68 inches and are capable of bearing heavy loads. In the past, they were a popular choice for pulling wagons full of beer to be delivered to customers across England.


Beast. if i had a horse this big i think all my dreams would come true!! just make his chestnut or bay with a blaze or star and maybe a few socks

from Horse Collaborative

Sitting on A Horse in Balance

Sampson, a Shire horse gelding foaled in 1846 in Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, England, is the tallest horse ever recorded. Sampson, owned by Mr Thomas Cleaver, stood 21.2½ hands high (i.e. 7 ft 2½in or approx 2.2m at his withers) by the time he was a four year old, when he was re-named Mammoth. His peak weight was estimated at 3,360 lb (1,520 kg).[