Oh how the years have passed by! :') we must add a 2014....QUICK!!!,some one find a picture

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James and Carlos were my favorites, but I loved them all so much. #the only boy band I actually like

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Big Time Rush. I don't like boybands a lot but i do love these 4 guys,they're so funny and their songs are catchy :)

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Haha James Diamond is so funny! But I'm also glad he's not like that in real life. Just so your not confused his name is James Diamond on the show Big time rush and his real name is James Maslow

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Oh my god I had this poster. Still WANT WANT WANT James' outfit. Still can't find a feckin' white blazer.

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Haha oh yes!!! I'm the only one in my family that likes BTR. The only one in my biological family, that is. My Rusher family is a different story....

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