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Big Univers

What really happened right after the Big Bang?

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Amy seducing Shelton on The Big Bang Theory. Dec 2016

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The Big Dipper a swastika? (Perhaps where the symbol began on Earth)

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I spy a Steven Universe AU by kemiobsesses on @DeviantArt
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the amazing Milky Way -- BIG goal this year is learning how to take pics like this

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Here, feel insignificant for a while...

Here, feel insignificant for a while...

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[The black hole] teaches us that space can be crumpled like a piece of paper into an infinitesimal dot, that time can be extinguished like a blown-out flame, and that the laws of physics that we regard as 'sacred,' as immutable, are anything but. ~~~ John Wheeler

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The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges "The Dude" -- haha not a book but a movie worth seeing/renting.....The Big Lebowski

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