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Bigfoot is real! i am a bigfoot believer myself. this picture was taken in 1967 by Roger Patterson. this is the most famous picture of bigfoot ever taken!


Credible Bigfoot photographs believed taken with an 1863 wooden box camera. The Bigfoot photos are tintype. If these were fake, who was capable of this type of photography during that time? Also, look at the period dress and firearms..truly authentic! (Did we mention to look at what the men are holding in their hands?) Follow Boondockers Landing Resort for more interesting, informative, and fun boards about Oklahoma and the southeast 'hot spot' region known as Choctaw Country. boondockersl


New development in U.P. Michigan Bigfoot photo debate - Apparently we now have Michigan Sasquatch too! However, this looks like a Bear to me...


10 CREEPIEST TRAIL CAM PHOTOS TAKEN EVER These 10 mysterious photos cannot be explained and they just should not exist! These trail cam pictures are really scary - from Bigfoot (Sasquatch) monster to real ghosts and even some unknown creatures these images are terrifying! 10) Is that the Bigfoot monster...?! I think it is! There are so many legends about this scary creature.... this photo was taken by a trail cam in a forest in California and the strangest thing here is that all of the…

from Generation Exorcist

United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals... - generationexorcist

01/25/2015 - United Monsters Of America: Infographic Reveals The Strange Beasts That Have Captured The Nation’s Imagination. From the Jersey Devil to the Mothman, the US is filled with fictional creatures that have come to life in the nation ’s imagination. Now one artist has ruled to draw these cryptids by hand, revealing the beasts that are feared the most in each state.Source: The Daily Mail