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biggest truck in the world 3.Terex Titan. Reminds me of being a kid growing up next to a huge Hydro-electric dam project.

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world's largest monster truck | This is the real Super Monster Truck. Biggest in the world!! | Flickr ...

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Sparwood, BC, Canada home of the world's biggest truck - There is a Geocache somewhere on that truck. Still looking for it!

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World's Biggest Machines

Liebherr T 282B - World's Biggest Truck This monster machine Liebherr T 282B is a large earth-hauling dump truck designed in 2004 by a German manufacturer and became the largest earth-hauling truck in the world. It can carry about 360 tonnes (400 tons) at 64 km/h.He adds that this is an unconventional truck. It has a 2723-kilowatt diesel engine which powers two electric motors

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World's Biggest Truck

Terex Titan- World's(IT was up until 1998 when the 360ton Caterpillar 797 appearred) Biggest Truck.Terex 33-19

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i went to high school in western PA...soon after we moved in (on April 1st - hahaha), we found that they were mining at the top of the hill. Constant dust, quiet starry nights only interrupted by the sounds of machinery and trucks like this carrying the goods away.

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Amazing biggest oversize load truck - world biggest truck in the world

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