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This poem, "Language(s)", expresses admiration for a bilingual friend as well as a wish for two languages...from, a space full of poems & poetry mini lessons.

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How to raise a bilingual child

How to raise a bilingual child, easy to apply principles in order to rise your child bilingually #bilingual #education #parentingtips

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Shows in Spanish on Netflix, for Kids. A list of bilingual series, cartoons, and programs all available on Netflix.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Benefits Of Bilingual Education

This poster describes the many benefits of a bilingual education. There are many cognitive, cultural, economic, and academic benefits when one is a bilingual. Bilingualism allows one to have a greater cognitive flexibility, it preserves important relationships and identity of ones culture, provides economic opportunity, and more academic success.

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Teaching Kids Spanish: Reminders for the Hard Days

Teaching kids Spanish is rewarding, but it is a lot of work! Eleven reminders and motivational thoughts for the days when you are feeling overwhelmed. #raising #bilingual #kids

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centers stations post

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