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As Wikileaks continues to release more emails to the public leading up to Election Day, the Clinton’s aren’t taking the aftermath very well. Politico took a look into how the Clinton’s are doing in the wake of the releases, and reported Bill Clinton is “having a hard time,” Chelsea is “livid” and Hillary is “pissed.” Sources say Bill Clinton is upset as he has to sit back and watch while Trump brings up Bill’s past sex scandals and brings his past victims back into the public eye. Bill…

After 30 years the #Liberals & the press support #BillCosby going to trial over violent sexual allegations, but after 14 years there is no reason to continue any legal battles against #BillClinton’s violent sexual behavior. #Kaine and the #DNC hypocrisy. If both are guilty, both should be given the same treatment. #Democrats love to use the words ‘fair’ & ‘equal’ but they don’t seem to know the definition of either of them…

from Mail Online

The Trump women come back to bat for Donald at second debate

Here come the girls: The 46-year-old proudly bounded in to the debate to greet Bill Clinton, leading four of her husband's children in procession

from Slate Magazine

Watch Donald Trump Call Paula Jones “a Loser” in 1998 Interview

Shortly before the second presidential debate started, Donald Trump held a jaw-dropping “news conference” with three women who have accused Bill Clinto ...

Sleepy Sheep Company # 42 BILL White PLUSH SHEEP Presidential Sheep Bill Clinto #SleepySheepCompany

Wisdom seeks wise counsel. (Who better to consult about budget that Pres. Bill Clinto. Bring back the surplus.)

from The Christian Science Monitor

Are Mario Cuomo's ideals the Democratic Party's past, or its future?

L: former NY governor, Mario Cuomo. R: former pres. Bill Clinto