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Bill Clinton Fires Up Crowd At Democratic Convention

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden arrive in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012, to attend the Democratic National Convention.

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Bill Clinton Delivers a Stemwinder at DNC

Here's Everything That Happened During Hillary's DNC Speech

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Bill Clinton's DNC Speech Was a Saxaphonic Love Song

What This Liberal Reporter Said About Bill Clinton's DNC Speech PROVES Hillary Will LOSE!

Democratic convention: Bill Clinton makes speech that Obama needed most

Best Moments from Bill Clinton’s Democratic National Convention Speech

Bill Clinton Counters The Greatest Criticisms Of His Wife In DNC Speech

Bill Clinton Caught Sleeping During Hillary’s Historic DNC Speech — Watch

Bill Clinton Caught Sleeping During Hillary’s Historic DNC Speech — Watch

Bill Clinton’s speech (in graphs)

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Bill Clinton Delivers Speech About Wife Hillary Clinton at DNC


Funny A Bill and Hillary Love Story? Twitter Reacts to Clinton's Very Long DNC Address

Bill Clinton's Speech • 2012 Democratic National Convention (complete speech) #BillClinton #DNC

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Bill Clinton’s Love Song to Hillary Finally Gave Her the Credit She Deserves

Bill Clinton’s long, beautiful speech at the DNC.

Video : Former Clinton Confidant Claims Bill Lied About Hillary During His Speech

Hollywood Reacts To Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech With Praise, Humor & Some Digs

Watch President Clinton Deliver Nomination Address at the DNC ~~Bill says it like it is!~~

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