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Bill Clinton Iq

Bill Clinton pretending to be a vegan so he can talk about being a vegan: B.C. IS A TYPICAL, LIBERAL

Bill Clinton, a member of the Democratic Party, took office as the 42nd President of the United States on January 20, 1993 at age 46. Clinton served in office for 8 years years and left at the end of his second term. He was born in Hope, Arkansas and received an education from Georgetown University.

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Donald Trump is doubling down on his criticism of Bill Clinton after Hillary threw rocks from her glass house.

Bill Clinton won a plurality in the popular vote, and a wide Electoral College margin in 1992. The election was a significant realigning election after three consecutive Republican landslides and five victories out of the previous six presidential elections. The Democratic Party picked up and maintained strong support in the Northeast, the Great Lakes region, and the West Coast. Also, Clinton won only four states of the former Confederacy, the fewest for a victorious Democrat up to that…

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IQ SCORES OF THE FAMOUS | Slaven Vlasic/FilmMagic | Former President and two-time Time Magazine "Person of the Year" Bill Clinton (what years did he serve? William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton served 1993- 2001 as 42nd President of the United States. Inaugurated at age 46, he was third-youngest president.) has a higher-than-average IQ score, measuring in at 137. BING: THE LATEST ON THE FAMILY'S NEW ADDITION Bill and Hillary Clinton welcomed a granddaughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky 9-27-14

The 15 smartest US presidents of all time

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Wow. This is really true...I can't believe anyone would be surprised by this. "Thick as thieves" is the phrase.

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President Bill Clinton has an IQ of 149, making him a good match for wife Hillary (who has an IQ of 140). Clinton attended Georgetown University and later won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. He studied politics, economics and philosophy. He left Oxford early, however, to attend Yale Law School. It was at Yale where …

Aside from the deniers and all the other folks who want to pretend...we don't have a crisis is the fact that we are behind.


Denis Leary Performs Trump Version Of ‘I’m An A-Hole’ - Video You have to watch this! Great stuff.

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The GOP presidential nominee raised some eyebrows by pledging support for a non-existent section of the U.S. Constitution.

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What I don't get is how this Clown can call out Bill Clinton's indiscretions when he himself is an even bigger Pig with Bigger Indiscretions!! I also want to know why Democrats haven't pounced on This Idiot for the mountain of Crap Trump has done? Why? I sure hope Dems don't stand on the sidelines "Like They Did With President Obama!" Enough! Get with this Idiot!! You've got Tons of Material!!!

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13 Things Mindful People Do Differently Every Day

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, News Corp News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently tweeted that he was trying out Transcendental Meditation, ...

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To say that Barack Obama is an ideologue isn’t going to make national news at this point, that much is a given. Anyone with a pulse and an IQ over 6 has known that since…