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If you blame Hillary for the four American deaths in Benghazi, but don't blame Bush for the 87 embassy deaths under his watch or the 2,996 deaths on 9/11/'re a hypocrite who needs to turn off Fox "News"!


The cozy relationship between the MSM and the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT needs to stop!!! They have an agenda to change America/the AMERICAN PEOPLE and they are working in tandem against all of us by spewing LIES and CREATING the perceptions that THEY CHOOSE for us!! BOYCOT MSM!!!! They are master manipulators spewing government propaganda! Watch One American News (OANN) if you have it!


Hitlery has committed too many crimes to count but nobody will step up and call her disqualified...P l e a s e! VOTE TRUMP!!


This is war. The American media has turned on “WE THE PEOPLE” and we’re now at war with them. They are attempting to rig an American election and they are officially TRAITORS and an enemy of we the people. Bill O’Reilly states that he knows of THREE media organizations who have ordered their people to “DESTROY TRUMP.” They have also told their people if they “support Trump” their careers are over. This video is important to watch. It’s also important to share. We must get the word out and…


CNN Anchor Shuts Down Comments on Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Son: “I’m looking forward to the interview you have with Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son," guest says