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Will 'back to the future II' be right and the Cubs win the 2015 World Series or will the curse of the billy goat continue? #otd #baseball #history #chicago #cubs #postseason #worldseries


A "Curse" was placed on the Chicago Cubs in 1945, when Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis was asked to leave a World Series game against the Detroit Tigers at Wrigley because his pet goat smelled to high heaven and the odor bothered the fans. Of course, Sianis was outraged and declared, “Them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more.” And alas, the Curse of the Billy Goat remains in effect. The Cubs didn’t win the 1945 World Series. In fact, the team hasn’t won a World Series since 1908.


The Billy Goat Tavern is a piece of Chicago history, taking responsibility for a Cubs curse, a famous SNL skit, and a popular media hangout.


Dear White Sox and Cardinal Fans, We promise to be only as obnoxious about the Cubs winning the World Series as you guys were about curses, billy goats, black cats, 1908 and Bartman... Love, Cubs Fans


October 6, 1945: Local Chicago tavern owner William “Billy” Sianis and his pet goat were ejected from Wrigley Field during Game 4 of the 1945 World Series. Sianis was irate because he had a ticket for the goat and declared, "them Cubs, they aren't gonna win no more." The Chicago Cubs have yet to appear in the World Series since "The Curse of the Billy Goat". Do you buy into sports curses?

from Washington Post

Charity looks to end the Cubs’ billy-goat curse with goat drive for families in need

Charity looks to end the Cubs' billy-goat curse with goat drive for families in need