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As quoted by wiki- "Bingo is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers." This game is very popular with kids and adults. There are different versions of this game (you may see it

Before the term "Art Nouveau" became common .... [many names referred] specifically to the organic forms that were popular with the Art Nouveau artists: Stile Floreal ("floral style"), Lilienstil ("lily style"), Style Nouille ("noodle style"), Paling Stijl ("eel style"), and Wellenstil ("wave style"). (


Here's a fun FALL / Autumn Bingo game for your family, class or co-op! Includes word cards, markers and 20 bingo cards! Download club members can download @


"Religion supports nobody. It has to be supported. It produces no wheat, no corn; it ploughs no land; it fells no forests. It is a perpetual mendicant. It lives on the labors of others, and then has the arrogance to pretend that it supports the giver." -Robert G. Ingersoll