FREE Biography Project Print-and-Use Pattern~ After students read biographies, have them cut a copy of the pattern on the thick outer lines. Next, they fold and cut out the paper, as shown. Then the student unfolds his paper and decorates one end so that it looks like the subject of his biography when he or she was a child. Next, he answers the questions on the interior shapes. Then the child decorates the opposite end of his paper so that it looks like the subject as an adult.

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2017 Jan. UPDATE! 4 more webpages of famous people for students to use were added! There are now 143 web pages for students to use when doing research. The link to my website is included in the set. Students take charge of their own learning with this independent and motivating biography project.

Biography features

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Biography Outline. This free reading activity has the students fill in key elements about the person they are reading about using the graphic organizer. This helps the students be sure to comprehend and record all the important detail in the text. This activity is intended for grades 2nd-6th but could be adapted to fit other grade levels. The students are asked to include why the person is famous, where they were, details about the person, and facts about the person.

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