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"I wanted to meet my biological mother, mostly to see if she was okay, and to thank her, because I'm glad I didn't end up as an abortion." - Steve Jobs _ #ProLife

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Stepmom vs. BioMom. Stepmoms find out ways on how to talk to the biological mother of your stepchildren. There's a right way to do it that will help better the relationship with her.

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Dr. Phil: Why Did This Mom Give Her Son Up? Will He Ever Forgive Her?

Dr. Phil told Corey he has to learn to forgive his biological mother Wendy. Can he ever do that? What does he want from his mom?

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Once Upon A Time: I Was Adopted

Once Upon A Time: I Was Adopted. As an adult, I have never doubted that my biological mother made the decision that she thought was best both for her and for me.

A Great Example of The Law of Attraction ☆ Beyond Chance ☆ Remarkable Reunion Between Biological Mother And Son

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Italy Recognized The Adoption Of A Child By The Partner Of The Biological Mother - #italy #child #adoption #lesbians

In mid August, a couple of days after my younger daughter’s seventh birthday, I reached out to my girls’ biological mother, Ruthie. Me: I’ve been thinking about you the last few d…

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