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LEGO BIONICLE® Brutaka  by LEGO. $129.95. Includes gold-colored armor and elements. Brutaka stands over 10" (over 25 cm) high. Includes Mask of Dimensional Gates. Double-blade is 10" (over 25 cm) long. From the Manufacturer Former guardian of the sacred Temple of Life who has now joined forces with the Piraka. Brutaka uses his giant rotating blade to cut through any obstacles in his obsessive search for the Mask of Life. Product...


Lego Bionicle PIRAKA Figure Irnakk with Unique Gold Spine #8626, Boxed Set includes Vezok, Thok & Reidak and comes with an exclusive Unique Gold Spine!, #Toys, #Building Sets


Totobricks: LEGO 7137 LEGO BIONICLE STARS Piraka