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Where's our freaking BioShock movie? Director Gore Verbinski explains why it's not happening

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The Luteces then explain that a girl is coming and that in order to change the world, she must leave a woman, and then asks: “What makes the difference between a girl and a woman?” Daisy answers with “blood,” Daisy asks them how, and they tell her to give the girl no choice. (If they don't harden Elizabeth she won't survive) After the conversation the light flickers and the Luteces disappear.


You finished BioShock Infinite, and after sifting through the wealth of very complex and contradictory feelings the game left you with, you decided to immortalize Irrational’s latest epic tale on the very platform on which you played it — the PC. Unfortunately, just like deciphering the impact of the game’s ending, you don’t know where to begin. Thankfully, modder FlashGordon has created a very detailed, extremely intricate PC case mod for the game that you can use as inspiration for your…