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STILL wanna write a book with a freakishly awesome sidekick bird. It's gonna happen some day people, it's gonna happen someday.

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Merlin (Falco columbarius) is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere. A bird of prey once known colloquially as a pigeon hawk in North America.

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Barn Owl

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Upland Bird Hunter With Pointer Dog, Taking Aim

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-he gazed over the snowy ridge as the enemy inched closer...the bird was his only salvation:finish the story if you please:ceeanne.

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* * WOLF: " What's de story today? See any hunters from de air?" BIRD: " So far so good me brother. I will fly and search relentlessly for yoo."

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Kingfishers - Big-Headed Swooping Hunters

The Green Kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) is a resident breeding bird which occurs from southern Texas in the USA south through Central and South America to central Argentina.

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