Lesser Bird-of-Paradise - Paradisaea minor - This medium-sized bird, 12.59" (32 cm), of the family Paradisaeidae is distributed throughout forests of northern New Guinea and the nearby islands of Misool and Yapen

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Mōhala - blossom bird, painting, watercolor, illustration, nature, botanical, floral, flowers, organic, art print, Love love LOVE this for a tattoo, but I think I would change the colors and some of the flowers

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Mix of elements, vibrant colors with a black background. Hints at a Japanese-style sleeve, without using any of the visual elements, just by color #tattoo patterns #tattoo #tattoo design

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Expressing freedom, joy, and a new perspective on life, the bird of paradise flower is a powerful symbol. [p-ink.org]

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Raggiana Bird-of-paradise, (Paradisaea raggiana) also known as Count Raggi's Bird-of-paradise, is a large bird in the bird-of-paradise family Paradisaeidae. It is distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is kumul. It is also known as cenderawasih.

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