POLL: Should birds be killed around airports to avoid bird strikes? by Supertrooper http://focusingonwildlife.com/news/poll-should-birds-be-killed-around-airports-to-avoid-bird-strikes/

One Bird Strike and You're Out: Solutions to Prevent Bird Strikes

Bird Strike to RC Twin engine Bronco OV and other crashes of RC planes - http://atosbiz.com/bird-strike-to-rc-twin-engine-bronco-ov-and-other-crashes-of-rc-planes/

A Turkish Airlines passenger plane suffered damage to its nose after a bird strike. The plane’s nose cone was caved in and blood could be seen on the aircraft.

Bird Strike Goose Crashes Through Airplane Windshield #bird #goose #crash #accident #Plaine #airplane #Windshield

Give your child the expensive pro camera and see what magic is possible. He/she will feel vervy vibrancy and explore new passions!

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A low-flying sea gull collides with John Hutchinson's Swan Yamaha Superbike as he hurtles down a straight at the Isle of Man TT motorcycle meet

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