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Birth Certificate Office

the one in DC office cant be president as hes born Africa raised in India is head of Al Qaeda and he removed all muslim islamist terrorist cells of the terrorist list therefor he dropped christians/jews/catholics on the terrorist list and congress is silent and doesnt do a dammn thing about it. They could have impeached him long time ago its time the office is cleared. America needs a real president without strings to UN and terrorist cells a GOD fearing man should be in the office!!

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jomny sun, authoer on

“biden: cmon you gotta print a fake birth certificate, put it in an envelope labeled "SECRET" and leave it in the oval office desk obama: joe”


Arpaio & Zullo: Final Press Conference Will Completely Blow Lid Off of Obama's Fraudulent Documents - Freedom Outpost

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It's working in Oregon. It should ALREADY be working in America but the GOP knows that the young, the poor, the students, the minorities, the really old who don't have driver's licenses or whose birth certificates have been lost, those are the people that would vote them right out of office, out the front door and onto the street.


That's why it doesn't matter what facts are presented, this Benghazi thing will be talked about on Fox News until January 20, 2017, when Hillary takes office. This is the tried-and-true practice of "Swiftboating" on display, just like the furor over Obama's birth certificate. Anyone gullible enough to believe the lies will be outraged.