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You can easily Pt. Vasudev Shastri our wonderful perfect and reliable Vedic astrology birth chart analysis can achieve, Pt. Vasudev Shastri birth chart predictions have been authentic.

A detailed analysis of you and your partner's birth charts can reveal many things that can bring your relationship to a higher pedestal.


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Pregnancy and Birth anatomy chart shows fertilization, implantation, trimester and fetal development with embryo ultrasound. ObGyn chart for doctors and nurses. Mature content.


If you do not have a clear and compelling need for a cesarean in the present pregnancy, having a VBAC rather than a repeat c-section is likely to be: safer for you in this pregnancy far safer for you and your babies in any future pregnancies When thinking about the health and safety of your baby in the present pregnancy, there are trade-offs to consider: VBAC has some advantages, and a repeat c-section has others. You can learn more below.