First Birthday Cakes for Baby! These cupcakes are made with maple syrup and coconut whipped cream is the frosting. Naturally sweetened cupcakes for baby! My kid devoured these! @DessertForTwo

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13 Sugarless Cake for Baby's First Birthday - Sugar should not be fed to children before they are 12 months old. The reasons behind this rule are that sugar can cause cavities and tooth decay as well as depress the immune system. Also, sugar is refined by chemical processes that can be harmful to babies. That's why we have curated this list of sugarless cakes for your baby's first birthday! From sugar free sponge cake to sugar free chocolate cake; these are perfect for your child's first…

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Muted, elegant children's cake for birthdays, naming ceremonies, christenings? By the ridiculously talented Hello Naomi.

13 Sugarless Cakes for Baby's First Birthday - The traditional smash cake does not have to be high in sugar. Cakes can be sweetened with fruits, such as bananas, or even applesauce. Here you will find a list of 13 recipes for sugarless birthday cakes that are suitable for a baby's first birthday cake. Did I also mention that they are incredibly delicious? Studies show that kids shouldn't receive sugar until after 2 years ago and even then in small quantities.

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