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Birthday writing

Creative Book Reports :: Biography Posters (Let's Explore)

{This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!} We have some serious catching up to do! There have been first and twelfth birthdays celebrated, big stacks of share-worthy boo

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captainarwenpond221b: “Human-Steve, you are… you are eating, but it is not one of your ritual fueling times. Are you dying? Is everything alright? Have you not been receiving enough sustenance? Do I need to get you better things to eat? Human-Steve, why are you trying to hide that food?”

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I WILL use Dr. Sesus in one lesson for my high school students. During his birthday week, have students practice speech skills by reading a book. Or even acting out a book.

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Time to choose.

You live in two different universes. Each time you go to sleep in one, you wake up in the other. Now that it's your 18th birthday, you must choose one.

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I'm exiled from polite society after I write this scene. #amwriting

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Prompt -- 'leapers' are rare people born in a leap year, who age four times slower than everyone else...

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How to Make Money Writing: 16 Tips for Finding Gigs Through Upwork

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How do you teach writing in kindergarten? Tips and ideas about how to start a writing program in kindergarten.

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You had planned to attend a friends birthday part and plugged her address into your GPS system, but the system guided you to somewhere else. Oddly enough, there was a man waiting. . .

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Every year on your birthday, you are visited by yourself from one year in the future. This year, no one shows up. It's your 30th birthday...

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Birthday Words

Many of these pics could be used as idea springboards for real objects to be books in a bag Writing Center Tools- Birthday Words

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"Why in the name of all that is holy, would anyone ever want to talk to grass? No other plant, just GRASS!"

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FREEBIE: "I am thankful for..." {from Melonheadz} Sally, the artist is my friend who also drew the special birthday Emmy on the zebra! :) These would be cute to print out for the kids on Turkey day.

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Marry me.

As teenagers, a boy and a girl agree to marry if neither have by their 35th birthday. Follow the boy as he attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then.

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Writing and Drawing Invitations in the library/writing center! Pocket of Preschool

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FREE Mentor Text List with Teaching Points- Narrative Writing - Quotes throughout the text

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