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Despite the fact that there are a large growing number of same sex couples, governments are not stepping up and changing the law to allow these couples to marry. This poster is a play on the equality heart used to represent equality with same sex and straight couples being represented in the equal symbol. This is particularly evident when viewed from a distance - People will see the poster from afar and percieve the symbols as an equal sign.

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Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, first Congressperson to officially describe her religion as “none,” is sworn in not on the Bible, but on the document she’s actually supposed to be protecting and upholding—the Constitution. She's also the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

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← Scriptive, or, There Is Trouble In The Forest Allies Who Are Not Allies Posted on September 9, 2013

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Last Copies! HBTQ / Available at / A newsprint publication covering LundgrenLindqvist's trial & errors in attempting to design a unifying symbol for the HBTQ Community. While we recognize the enormous value and rich history of the Rainbow flag we have come to realize that there is a need for a companion. A symbol which is free from the technical demands posed by the reproduction of the Rainbow flag and free from the oppressive origins of the Pink Triangle Presented…

Pansexual. Bisexuals. Straight. Lesbien. Homosexual. Transgender. Cross dresser. No gender. Futa..? Whatever you are, you deserve the same rights. Equality.

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Bisexual pride double crescent moons in Pride flag colors. Two over lapping moons in pink, purple, and blue. #Bisexual #liveloudgraphics

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For the Love of Love: a reimagining of the traditional Bisexual Pride Triangles using Hearts instead, with Blue over Pink creating Purple - symbolizing Different gender attraction, Same gender attraction and the two merging together to symbolize the potential of attraction anywhere along the entire gender spectrum.

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