More great low-cal and super healthy recipes. The healthy way.. nutrition, excercise and lots of water! Eating clean!

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We saw lots on these while on a trip to Yellowstone in February. Simply amazing watching them forging through deep snow, foraging for a bite of grass deep under the snow. Some were covered solid with ice & snow!!

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White Buffalo - there are THREE of them in Bismarck, ND! White Cloud is the mother of the other two.

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Bat as power animal. Shaman beliefs in animal's teaching ability. I've always been attracted to bats, they are one of my teacher animals. Bat medicine.

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I dream of buffalos often. That must mean something. I feel a connection to them in some way.

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White Buffalo Symbol of peace and harmony A divine messenger asking us to define The meaning and purpose of our life Sacred spirit of abundance If a White Buffalo appears in our life It is a sign our prayers have been answered And all that we desire will be given But only if we honor and respect all the offerings of Mother Nature And are grateful for the gifts we have already received. Prose by Carol Cavalaris © @@@@@@@@@@TOTEM@@@@@@@@@@@

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Must remember this for a quick comeback when people look at us (mainly me like I'm absolutely crazy) and inevitably say - oh my you are certainly going to have your hands full, good luck! Thanks, I'll take your good luck & my full heart ❤️

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