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High Tax Slows Bitcoin Development In Norway Norway is such a beautiful country and has been named a top summer tourist destination for those in search of picturesque mountains fjords and glaciers. But how is the Bitcoin scene fairing in this small Scandinavian country rich in natural resources and warm at heart? Also read: Monetary Xenophobia: Norways Biggest Bank Pulls Bitcoin Account An Interview with Therese Helland This August I had the privilege of meeting Therese Helland a…


BITCOIN and LIKESXL - Explosive news from LikeXL that I told you was coming. LikesXL to be working with BITCOINS this month. Why is this explosive big news? For lots of reasons but these are among the major ones: Global Use - Bitcoins opens LikesXL participation to all countries. Bitcoins can be used by anyone with a Net connection anywhere in the world. Russia China Africa everyone can participate with Bitcoins. Instant - Bitcoin can be transferred basically instantly. Money…

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss take another step closer to SEC approval with a request submitted by their new listing exchange, BATS. | The Blockchain Revolution

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Bitcoin IRA With Over $2M Worth Accounts Offers Better Returns Than Bitcoin ETFs

Investors Europe : Introducing Aggressive US Stock Option Rates coupled with Nominee Trading Accounts


World's First Bitcoin ATM Opens In Vancouver, Canada

In a pinch and need cash? Your Bitcoin account may soon be able to save you. The machine, which resides at Waves Coffee House in Vancouver's downtown area, uses a palm scanner to access each Bitcoin owner's account. Read more on: