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Hand drawn Kodiak Bear + Triangular Bear(horizontal)

Bear on a hill, rainbow above, she always nursed a small mad hope -Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire More


FOUR Baby Bear Cubs at Zoo Sauvage (Canada) With Mom - photo from Zoo Sauvage in St-Félicien, Quebec, Canada; "When ... mama Black Bear emerged from the den after hibernation this spring, she brought a surprise… or four. Bear cub quadruplets are rare and usually reflect a healthy mother who is larger than your average bear - this she-bear fits the bill." (2012)

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The Spirit Bear aka Kermode Bear aka Ghost Bear

the Spirit Bear (Kermode) is the animal symbol for BC, the only place the black bear is found is The Great Bear Rainforest on the NW Coast of BC. They are not albino, the color is from a recessive gene.

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A ridiculously large collection of animals and their babies [75 pictures]

What you are looking at is not an albino, or polar bear. This is the rare Kermode Bear, also known as a “spirit bear.” Spirit bears are white subspecies of black bears and are very prominent in the mythology of the Canadian First Nations and American Indians of the area. The white appearance is due to a recessive allele common in the population, allowing for 1/10th of the population to feature this white coat.