"The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution." ~ Huey P. Newton, pictured at The Black Panther Party headquarters in San Francisco. Photo credit: Ted Streshinsky / Corbis Images

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i did not fact check this but I bet it's not far off. 5 Worst States for Black People

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Why Are Black People Ignoring the Economic Empowerment Teachings of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey?

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Build and they will come. #KingdomBuilding #DrClaudAnderson #HBCU #BlackEntrepreneur #BlackBusiness #SupportBlackBusinesses #BlackExcellence #BlackWallstreet

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Believe it or not ! The sun and moon revolve around the 12 Tribes of Israel !

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As many of us prepare for Black Friday boycotts, let's not forget the independent black owned businesses that need our support for the holidays and beyond!

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