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Black Goddess

"She carries the entire universe inside of her, holds the galaxies close to her heart. Her veins are filled with constellations and stardust." Art by Caroline jamour Previous Pinner


10 Sensual Goddess Commandments 1. Thou shalt know you are a goddess. 2. Thou shalt love yourself first. 3. Thou shalt treat your body as a shrine. 4. Remember sacred sex, keep it holy. 5. Honor the sacred feminine and masculine energies. 6. Thou shalt not ignore your intuition. 7. Thou shalt speak your truth. 8. Thou shalt have an open loving heart. 9. Thou will experience pleasure every day. 10. Thou shalt twirl in orgasmic juiciness. By Lady Shepsa


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"I’m a black mermaid, from the bottom of the sea. I will teach you how to love me, into greatness I will lead you."