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Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun. This video is literally a hallucinogenic trip. Superlative production.

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Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun - song lyrics, songs, music lyrics, song quotes, music quoe

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Haley Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox Deliver Stunning ‘Black Hole Sun’ Cover (VIDEO)

Haley Reinhart and Postmodern Jukebox Deliver Stunning 'Black Hole Sun' Cover (VIDEO)

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NASA telescope catches black hole's rare light show

El descubrimiento de un agujero negro supermasivo desde los primeros cosmos está configurado para reescribir la física, dicen los científicos......The discovery of a supermassive black hole from the early cosmos is set to rewrite physics, say scientists. Más

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Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place

Astronomers have uncovered a near-record breaking supermassive black hole, weighing 17 billion suns, in an unlikely place: in the center of a galaxy in a sparsely populated area of the universe.

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'Black Hole Sun' neon, 2010 by artist Riccardo Previdi - Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome

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Hubble telescope spots 'supermassive' black hole

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured a photo of a distant galaxy that’s home to one of the most massive black holes astronomers have ever discovered.

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