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Dismantling the White Matrix Still Controlling the Original Man’s Mind: How Not to Count by Ones; It starts with your new relationship with Ra. “How long have I been with thee & ye not known I was there.”

BEST PIN EVER. SO many of you "good christians" would have a whole helluva lotta 'splanin to do. Just sayin.

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Different Faces of Jesus Christ – Jesus and Media Project

This painting of Jesus is older than the image of the black Jesus Christ in the Church of Rome which is from the 6th century. Description from I searched for this on


Was Jesus Christ Black?

If we take what we have learned from the Bible he had dark skin and hair like wool making him more of an African descendant intern also part Ethiopian because of his Mother. With that said how did Jesus historical depiction change to a pale skin man with silky brown hair? Some would say the new depiction is not of Jesus but of the devil hence the old saying the white devil.


While we preach "White Jesus", this is who we worship in secret. The BLACK MADONNA. Known all over the world, but NEVER talked about in the USA. Hmmm