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D'Angelo Returns With New Track "Sugah Daddy" From his just-announced new album Black Messiah

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Listen To D'Angelo's First Album In 14 Years

D'Angelo surprised us and dropped his album "Black Messiah" last week; his first in 14 years. And we have to say, it does not disappoint.

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What Does D'Angelo's First Album in 14 Years Sound Like?

D'Angelo Releases First New Album in 14 Years 'Black Messiah' | Rolling Stone


D'Angelo Drops Surprise New Album, 'Black Messiah'

D'Angelo announced that his third album, Black Messiah, would be available tonight at midnight.

Black Messiah by D'Angelo and the Vanguard (2014): Meticulously crafted over the span of fifteen years, D'Angelo and the Vanguard's Black Messiah sounds instantly familiar, as if it's been a part of our pop-culture-conciseness for decades. This shouldn't be surprising considering that most of D'Angelo's influences stem from 1970's American folk, funk, and R&B. He immaculately emulates his icons on Black Messiah and ends up creating something fresh and uniquely D'Angelo.


Worth The Wait: The Transcendent Groove Of D'Angelo's 'Black Messiah'

Alongside the sultry, slow-moving expressions of romance fans have come to expect from D'Angelo are several songs that address social issues, notably race relations. In a written preamble to Black Messiah, the singer explains that the album title does not refer to himself, saying, "We should all aspire to be a Black Messiah." He references uprisings in Ferguson and in Egypt and "everyplace where a community has had enough and decides to make change happen."

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D’Angelo Reborn

Fifteen years after “Voodoo,” it appeared that D’Angelo might never make another album. Now comes “Black Messiah.”

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D'Angelo Is Finally Releasing New Album