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The Great Depression Was Ended by the End of World War II, Not the Start of It

Increased government spending does nothing to create economic recovery, growth and prosperity.


The STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1987 or "BLACK MONDAY" was the largest one-day market crash in history. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value or $500 billion dollars on October 19th 1987. 1986 and 1987 were banner years for the stock market fueled by low interest rates, hostile takeovers, leveraged buyouts and merger mania. . . . After the '87 crash, a system of circuit breakers were put in place to electronically halt stocks from trading if they fell too quickly.


The New Yorker - Monday, April 27, 1987 - Issue # 3245 - Vol. 63 - N° 10 - Cover by : Pierre Le-Tan


Black Monday (1987) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

.On Monday June 29th in 1987, Prince Charles and Princess Diana attended the premiere of the new James Bond 'The Living Daylights, at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, London.


Americas first cocaine kingpin ronnie reagan. Ronald Reagan was a Drug Dealer … Plus> | Yes, meet the worst president in US history!