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Who says that black people cant have beautiful children? No shade to the biracial babies, but I'm sick of people saying a black man and a black woman cannot have a beautiful child. The proof is in this princess here.

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The Best of Black People Twitter

Legendary Prince Memes In honor of quite possibly the greatest entertainer ever Prince Rogers Nelson (who tragically passed today at we compiled some of the best (and funniest) Prince memes to…

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: His life in pictures

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., center, leads a group of civil rights workers and Selma black people in prayer on Feb. 1, 1965 in Selma, Alabama after they were arrested on charges of parading without a permit. More than 250 persons were arrested as they marched to the Dallas County courthouse as part of a voter registration drive. (AP Photo/BH)

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Mom & Daughter Do The "Afro Dance" - TOO CUTE!

You fro girl! More

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Beautiful Blue Black - like Krishna. The blackest blue in India and she is subject to extensive prejudice cause of her dark hue! Dravidian ..The ancient "blue race" of India still exists in the bloodlines. Dravidian indeed. Kushite Indian Beggar in Mumbai, South India In Irish-Scottish Gaeilge (or Gaelic), people of African descent were historically referred to as the fir gorum, or blue men. People of this race were described as "blue" rather than as "black."

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Slavery (Taino & African): Slaves were taken from Africa to America on the Atlantic slave trade/triangle. They were treated like cattle and were laid down in the ships. Each space was 5 ft. in length, 11 inches in breadth, and 3 inches in height

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Black Love Day was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, director of the African American Holiday Association. According to Kendi, it is the third nationally ...

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I, Racist

"I, Racist" -- one of the BEST posts I've read about Racism, Systemic Racism, Privilege etc! I highly recommend reading this for a better understanding.......

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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots - Marcus Garvey..."love this quote"

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10 Stunning Photos of Black Albinos from the #InMySkinIWin Campaign, Celebrating Albino Beauty

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Feminism means that you support ALL people ALL the time as long as the cause is for the good and equal of ALL.

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Louisiana Legislaturewas more than 1/2 Black right after the Civil War and Black people were able to vote for the first time.

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