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The Medicine Men during the Black Plague. The bird like beaks were meant to hold dried flowers (including roses and carnations), herbs (including mint), spices, camphor or a vinegar sponge, with the intent to counter the "evil" smells of the plague, and prevent contamination.

from Etsy

Plague Doctor Hat in Black Leather

A Black Leather.bird mask. Why is it scary? It certainly looks creepy, and not without reason. During the Black Plague, Italian doctors wore these to keep from inhaling airborne contaminants. Bubonic plague had a sister virus called pneumonic plague, which was airborne, and therefore twice as deadly. In those days they didn't know viruses worked, but they understood contagion!


circus performer story idea - "The stork," a man who is in the circus because of a deformity, but has the most pure and romantic heart of all, and falls in love with someone whom he is too shy to speak to