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The Uprising of the Egyptian People revealed to the world the Power of People Everywhere! Incredible. The nonviolent protests removed a dict...


Please pray for peace and sanity for the U.S. Disliking another race is simply not rational. A minority of police have had no regard for the life of another person—black or other, and have committed atrocious crimes against their fellow man; other cops have used poor judgment. ~ Raised fist symbol: raising one arm in the air with a clenched fist. Meaning varies based on context. Communists and socialists have called it the red salute; black rights activists have called it the Black Power…


ALEX AND ANI Black Friday Exclusive Snowflake Charm bangle | Individual • Brilliance • Enchant | Caught between the fluidity of water and the solidarity of ice, the snowflake is a transitional symbol that drifts peacefully from above. Though delicate on its own, it creates a powerful force during snowfall, and evokes a sense of calm and awe. Enchant yourself with its radiance and unique beauty.


Kathleen Neal Cleaver,moved to San Francisco in November, 1967, to join the Black Panther Party. Cleaver became the first female member of the Party’s decision-making body. Notably, she organized the national campaign to free the Party’s minister of defense, Huey Newton, who was jailed. In 1968 she ran for California's 18th state assembly district,as a candidate of the Peace and Freedom party. Cleaver received 2,778 votes for 4.7% of the total vote, finishing third in a four candidate race.

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Black Panther Symbolism & Meaning