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A fleet of shipwrecks has been laying in the chilly depths of the Black Sea while empires rose and fell around them. Centuries later, the wrecks have been

Armed to the teeth, ready, willing, able and cheerful, with a papirosa in hand: Marine Chief Petty Officer N. Anikin of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet (1942)


The Evstafi Class of battleship (1904/1908), built at Nikolayev for service on the Black Sea, was based closely on Potemkin, the first full-size pre-dreadnought ever built for the Black Sea fleet. The Admiralty in Petersburg had upped the ante to significantly larger and heavier-armed semi-dreadnoughts with the Andrei Pervozvanny pair for Baltic service, but strongly armed pre-dreadnoughts were deemed sufficient to deal with the Turks and Bulgarians.


Ships of the Black Sea fleet Krivak-class missile frigate Ladny leading [1920 1200]


1942- Russian Marines of the Black Sea Fleet crawl up on an enemy position after being landed on the Black Sea coast.


Ottoman fleet, led by Hüseyn Pasa, setting out from the Black Sea against the Polish army-Khamsa by Atai -1721