Nigella sativa (black seed) seed oil kills up to 89% of lung cancer cells. It is a powerful herb used for 1,000's of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani & Arabic medicine. Its potent anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. Black seed taken daily can decrease insulin resistance helping type 2 diabetes. Thymoquinone, found in the seed, is superior for asthma issues & can protect brain tissue from radiation-induced nitrosative stress.

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You can get organic black seed and the organic oil from my blog at

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10 awesome reasons to start eating black sesame seeds! Benefits of black sesame seeds.

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All the more reasons to love black seeds. #Amazing #Natural #Remedy

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Black Seed - except being a remedy for almost anything - a good anti-inflammatory - you can grind it, mix well with twice the amount of honey. Take a big spoon in the morn in ,or you can mix the one spoon of the mixture with a hot water and sip it. It is an energy booster beside so many other benefits .

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