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Celebrity Body Doubles - North West Scarlett Johansson

My name is Natasha Romanoff. I'm look to be in my mid-twenties, but I was actually born circa 1928. I am know as the "Black Widow" in the Avengers. I'm a kickass fighter, who excels in really any type of combat.


"The look of love.. Is in your eyes.. A look your smile can't disguise.. The look of love.. It's saying so much more.. Than words could every say.. And what my heart has heard,. Well, it takes my breath away... I can hardly wait to hold you.. Feel my arms around you,. How long I have waited,. Waited just to love you,. Now that I have found you,. Don't ever go, don't ever go,. I love you so..." ~ Burt Bacharach – The Look Of Love


As a hardcore shipper I hope this keeps happening, because Romanogers is clearly off the table and Brucenat was awful and they are both so funny!