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Blackburn Buccaneer S2. Using the more powerful Spay engines. The aircraft was designed to run at high subsonic speed at low level, but the lack of supersonic performance meant it was reluctantly accepted by the RAF after the cancellation of the TSR2. Always seen as a stopgap, the aircraft suffered from a lack of development of its radar and electronics.


From Colin Smedley comes this magnificent image that seems to show 55,000 pounds+ of Blackburn Buccaneer hovering over the runway. In the 1980s and 90s, No 208 Sqn RAF were the real experts in ultra low-level under the radar nuclear strikes. During the International Air Tattoo in 1993, to mark the squadron's 75th birthday, this Buccaneer S.2B was flown at an altitude of just 5 feet for the entire length of RAF Fairford's runway.


Blackburn Buccaneer with Sea Eagle missile. The drawing also shows the trans-sonic shape of the aircraft (Coke bottle).