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Sticks of seaside rock...We always took a stick of peppermint rock home for the cousins with the name of the town through the middle.


"Blackpool rock" (this is a giclée print of ‘Blackpool rock’, an original painting by Joël Penkman. The original artwork was painted in egg tempera on a gesso board).


Today we are off to the not so sunny British seaside town of Blackpool. Blackpool while not as glamourous as other UK destinations it’s kitsh and friendly charm has always made it one of the most popular. For generations people have danced in the ballroom, watched the night time light shows and gambled in the arcades. In the 1920s when this poster was designed Blackpool had 8 million visits a year.


Favourite traditional British sweets: in pictures

A trip to the British seaside just wouldn't be complete without a stick of rock to break your teeth on. Made from pulled sugar, rock took off in the 1800s, though there's serious debate about where lettered rock was first produced. Blackpool usually claims the honour, though nearby Morecambe has also been credited.