Кованый декор №3247 Wrought iron decor www.ArtSklad.net

Forged buttons - watch this space for what comes next! #blacksmith #mysteryproject #buttons #habberdashery (at www.blacksmithingtools.co.uk)

Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques by Al Stephens in Northern Alabama

Garden Tool, Turkey Foot, Blacksmith Forged, Great Rustic Tool for Planting and Weeding. $18.00, via Etsy.

Perfect, Any Way You Slice It You may have ordered delivery, but you don't have to cut corners with utensils. Cut slices, instead, with this hand-forged cutter made for gliding through extra-cheesy pies with ease. Hammered from recycled steel using traditional blacksmithing techniques, its dramatic blade and rustic design make slicing an old-world experience. Handmade for lifelong use by Al Stephens in Alabama.

Small Rustic Hand Forged Key Chain Bottle Opener, Blacksmith Made.

wine glass stake | Handforged Wine Glass Stakes.. | Blacksmithing Projects

Bottle Opener - wall mounted wrought iron bar tool straight from the Blacksmith Shop. by ThreeRiversForge on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/231047271/bottle-opener-wall-mounted-wrought-iron

Knock, knock... www.facebook.com/CJForgeBlacksmith #blacksmith #handmade

FREE TODAY - DIY Blacksmithing: 12 Genius Blacksmith Projects For Beginners by Brenda Silton http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ALRP6O6/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_FYCXwb04PBMAZ

clever idea, don't lose the juices from your sausage. This will be made before summer! #welding #campling #cookingout

Blacksmith Items 008_600x450.jpg - Candles - Gallery - I Forge Iron

By Jeremy Knipple.. Oooh Now that's a source of stock I hadn't considered... Nice.

Blacksmith made Spiral Candlesticks by Adrian The Smith at Trinity Forge, via Flickr

We love sourcing local Blacksmiths for curtain pole work-highly recommend this for anyone's home!