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Perfect, Any Way You Slice It You may have ordered delivery, but you don't have to cut corners with utensils. Cut slices, instead, with this hand-forged cutter made for gliding through extra-cheesy pies with ease. Hammered from recycled steel using traditional blacksmithing techniques, its dramatic blade and rustic design make slicing an old-world experience. Handmade for lifelong use by Al Stephens in Alabama.

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Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques by Al Stephens in Northern Alabama

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wine glass stake | Handforged Wine Glass Stakes.. | Blacksmithing Projects

We love sourcing local Blacksmiths for curtain pole work-highly recommend this for anyone's home!

Custom leather belt with blacksmith made buckle | blueflameleather - Accessories on ArtFire

Hand forged trivet

Pair of Iron Bracelets Viking Celtic blacksmith Mens Jewelry. $70.00, via Etsy.