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Bleached Hair

damaged dry hair How to Deep Condition and Get Shiny Hair in 3 hours! DIY Hair Remedy

Magic Panic’s Virgin Snow White Toner/Mixer | 28 Magical Beauty Products That Are Pure Genius After bleaching hair, apply this “lavender” dye to transform your color from dull yellow to a striking shade of peroxide blonde. And since it’s semi-permanent and all natural, it won’t further damage your hair. Get it for $9.99 from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Coconut oil hair mask, I did this & it worked wonders on my bleached hair!!

How to bleach your hair at home — the products you should actually use

Hair Colour Levels

10 Homemade Recipes To Lighten Your Hair Naturally,How to lighten your hair using homemade bleach. some of these seeminteresting

Tutorial for Bleaching your Hair Blonde, Platinum or White at Home Updated on March 16th, 2014: Due to the large volume of emails concerning this post, I am asking that everyone please read this bl...

10 Things To Do After Bleaching Your Hair

The Right Way To Bleach Your Hair At Home #refinery29 Step 3: Bleach One of the most trusted bleaches — L’Oréal Quick Blue Powder — is also extremely cost-effective. Mix it in a bowl with some developer, which will lift hair color quickly and drastically, until the formula is about the consistency of yogurt. Darling recommends using a 30-volume developer. 

 This writer, however, has successfully used 40-volume developer for years to ...

I wish I could get to this level of blonde.... How to Safely Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde

The Key To Bleaching Your Hair With Less Damage And Pain: Coconut Oil | xoVain

I definitely need to try these tips

A comprehensive guide to the bleached/platinum blonde hair life. From pre-bleaching prep to post-bleaching care.How to take care of bleached hair. sincerelyannarose...

How To Get Orange Out Of Bleached Hair | Krista Dior - Beauty Blog - Beauty Reviews - Makeup Tutorials

Do you have bleached blonde hair? Take care of your bleached hair with these five remedies. Find us at for the finest hair care products and more.

For a subtle update to blonde hair (bleached or natural), consider adding a rosy gloss. It's the hair makeover equivalent of putting on blush. Suddenly, everything looks a bit brighter, a touch prettier. Still not convinced? Look up "Rita Ora pink hair," or "Sienna Miller rose gold hair."

Suffering from dead ends? DONT CUT THEM OFF JUST YET. This is especially helpful for girls who bleach/ombre their hair. I swear by this technique.

growing out roots --- THIS article has everything I need to explain the root situation. Also, kinda digging the platinum again….

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After bleaching, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly, otherwise the residual chemicals may interfere with color application. | Get The Candy-Colored Hair Color Of Your Dreams

Her hair, lips, and brows are PERFECT. The 3 biggest things to me when it comes to beauty