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16 Stunning Hairstyles for Black Hair 2014

【Hair Tips: 黑色的決擇】踏入秋冬,很多客人問我應不應該染一頭Blue Black(藍黑)髮色,我當然知道大家都關心bleaching(漂染)問題啦,我為大家解釋一下: 染髮前: Bleach了,染髮效果會比較好,顏色維持更久,要不然頭髮會很快變成深啡色 染髮後: 如果你想再染其他顏色,便會很難上色,所以一定要再bleach 我明白這是一個很難下的決定,你們當中有人在考慮嗎? #Nutrición y #Salud YG >

Dark purple hair. I would love for my hair to turn out this colour. Quite subtle but it would be a nice result considering that I am not bleaching. See how I go tomorrow.

✨Feels so good to finally have naturally long hair .. After bleaching it when I was 18 and it legit snapping to an inch long I swore I'd never cut it again .. And I won't