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Bloating After Eating

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Top 31 at home solutions to treat bloated stomach after eating

bloated stomach Chamomile Tea

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Find The Best Diet Plan For Your Wedding

Featured Image: Martha Stewart Are you looking for the best diet plan to get you in the best shape of your life? We’ve gathered some healthy wedding diet ideas to get you in tip-top shape in no time! From natural detoxification drink ideas to smoothie recipes to diet plans, it’s all right here. Just choose the […]


Detox Smoothie - Great for anti-bloating morning after a cheat meal. Ginger, lemon, blueberries, chia seeds, spinach, banana. It doesn't event look like a green smoothie! The blueberry hides the green haha

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10 Foods You Can Eat to Reduce Bloating Quickly

When bloating, cramping, or heartburn strikes, my brain goes into (WTF) detective mode, calculating every last morsel that passed my lips and evaluating it after the fact as a potential threat. (CSI: dinner plate edition.) Instead of trying to...

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10 Foods That Cause Bloating (& What to Eat Instead)

Ever wake up with a flat stomach in the morning, only to bloat out like a hot air balloon right after you eat breakfast—without understanding why? If you’re suffering through each day feeling sluggish, tired, cramped and heavy, you may be interested to know that certain foods can cause bloating. For the full article, visit us here:


original pinner wrote: I had found the holy grail of weight loss - The 3 Week Diet. I called up Brian (the creator of the diet) and thanked him personally. He was glad to hear my success story and asked for me to email him some before and after photos so he could put them on the site.

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Flat Belly Made Easier

Is zipping your pants a real struggle? Does your quest for a sexy stomach always hits a bump right about belly-button level? Well, you may not be after six-pack abs, but a flat pooch is something on your mind all the time!


go green. Instead of this smoothie, try juicing celery and cucumber into 4 oz of freshly squeezed apple juice (the amount from 1 apple) and watch the bloat go belly up