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While there are many causes of infertility, a blockage of the fallopian tubes is often the reason why many women are unable to conceive. #blockedfallopiantubes #infertility #fertility #naturalfertility #NaturalFertilityInfo #NaturalFertilityShop

Tubal ligation is a surgical, permanent, birth control procedure that blocks the fallopian tubes. The blockage prevents the egg from moving toward the uterus for fertilization and the sperm from moving through to the awaiting egg. #fertility #infertility #ttc #ttcsisters #IVF #PCOS #fertilityherbs #naturalfertility #NaturalFertilityShop #NaturalFertilityInfo

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What You Need to Know About Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked Fallopian Tubes - Symptoms and Treatment | Most women have no idea they have blocked fallopian tubes until they have trouble getting pregnant.

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How to Check Your Cervical Position - Yes, You Can Totally Do This!

Blocked fallopian tubes are responsible for 40% of infertility in women. In most of the cases fallopian tubal infertility is caused when both the fallopian tubes are blocked.

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Martha's Story: Miscarriage, Blocked Fallopian Tube and IUI

Martha's Story: Miscarriage, Blocked Fallopian Tube and IUI - How Do You Do It? She ended up with twins!

The Wurns developed and refined their ability to palpate restricted areas in the body, leading to the creation of the Wurn Technique® – a protocol of 200 manual techniques which can OPEN blocked tubes.