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Quick tutorial for how to make these great stacking blocks for toddlers or sensory toy blocks for babies. They're filled with foam instead of stuffing so they hold their shape better, but they're still machine washable! #sewing #tutorial #babytoys


I use these photo blocks in our block center. I take a full body shot and cut it out and then just tape it to a block. the kids love using them both in the block center and for other games they invent.

from I Can Teach My Child!

Giant Pattern Blocks for Toddlers

Giant Pattern Blocks for Toddlers! Download and print the free template to make these large pattern blocks perfect for little toddler hands!

from Busy Toddler

Shaving Cream Blocks

Shaving Cream Blocks: an easy toddler activity building with shaving cream and block. A great preschool activity that's easy to set up.

from Busy Toddler

Giant Building Blocks: Toddler STEM Activity

Giant Building Blocks: Toddler STEM Activity - An easy indoor activity for toddlers making larger than life building blocks out of boxes.

from Inner Child Fun

Make Your Own Sponge Blocks

Sponge Blocks - great gift for toddlers, and easy enough for older kids to handle the scissors