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Blonde Man

He and Col always made a pair - he's always worn his hair human short to help with getting into the engines he fixes and designs. Col wears her's to the epitome of Eldar tradition - loose it snakes to the back of her knees in copper waves. She wears it braided and looped into ropes of hair most days and has two maids just for her hair arrangements.


Randall Phillips is the director of Avalon. He is believed to be one of the first mutants that were created. Randall is described as having long dirty blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, and a tall but lean build.


Bethany Lovelace-Lightwood "Nobody understands why she dyes her hair platinum blonde. Especially since she has gorgeous black hair." Clary

from Playbuzz

Suicide Squad Full Movie -2016

Chris Hemsworth , the love of my life and my number one go to for a book boyfriend

from Caio Braz

Lucky Blue Smith: o modelo de 16 anos é a aposta de 2015

So inside joke...for Blaine and Layne!