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If you ask any Middle Eastern Muslim what food comes to his/her mind when he/she hear the word Ramasan, the answer is one of two Qatayef or Knefeh. Qatayef is sold everywhere in Egypt during Ramadan, it is like mini pancakes filled with all sorts of goodies. I usually serve it savory with soups on the Ramadan breakfast table and then sweet when it comes to dessert time. I’ve showed you a super easy Qatayef recipe before with a handful of ingredients right from your pantry.

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A homemade felt prayer rug is a precious Ramadan gift for young ones. Inexpensive and easy to make, it will be a keepsake to cherish through the years.

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How to Maintain Your Fitness During Ramadan Ramadan Kareem

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pop up card templates for ramadan | Ramadan DIY Mosque Centerpiece | Rehana Du Jour

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15 Delicious Ramadan Recipes You Should Try : We all know that Ramadan is all about prayers, fasting as well as feasts. This Ramadan, let us help you with your iftar meal planning with these scrumptious recipes that will leave you remembering the festival of prayer for a long time to come. Here are some delicious Ramadan recipes that are certainly worth trying.

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A beautifully written and illustrated introduction to the traditions and celebration of Ramadan

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