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"Blood In My Eyes." Bob Dylan, playing a Martin J-15.


((Open RP. Be the boy?)) I'm not doing well at all. My treatments aren't working. I have multiple myeloma, cancer of the white blood cells. If I can't find a bone marrow donor within five months, I won't make it... my doctor walks in. "Kristin?" I look over with a small smile. "Yes?" "You have a visitor." I nod, surprised to see a boy I don't know walk in. "We found a match for your bone marrow." My eyes light up.


BTS | V blue eyes - yeah that part in the Blood Sweat and Tears MV totally took my breath away the first time❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


you felt the coldness in my eyes, and something I'm not revealing. though you got used to my disguise, you can't shed this awful feeling. there's blood on my hands like the blood in you. some things...


The gas does weird things to you. One of the aftermaths is that my eyes have both turned a brilliant purple. Honestly it looks like I got in a fight with someone who gave me two good punches to the face. And I suppose I did get into to a fight though, a fight with the air. Has anything ever sounded so stupid?